Captain's Welcome

Patrician Brothers College, Blacktown strives to transform young boys into fine young men, who can leave their secondary education experience with necessary life-long skills that perpetuate a successful future.

At Patrician Brothers’ College Blacktown, students are provided with a faith-filled experience where they are not only able to extend their learning but also develop their relationship with Christ.

Established in 1952, our College has long upheld the motto, Christus Regnat, where every student continually strives to achieve his personal best and collaborates to create a supportive community that incorporates Christ into all aspects of student life. 

Through the many resources available to students, all are able to achieve great feats. The dedicated staff are key to the success of the College who provide all students with equal opportunities to excel in the academic, pastoral and extra-curricular areas. Students are also provided with modern and innovative facilities allowing all to reach their full potential in all aspects of their schooling.

Located in the heart of Blacktown, our College is a perfect representation of the diversity and inclusiveness of the entire community. Our community frequently recognises and celebrates multiculturalism. Allowing students to learn and appreciate the multiculturalism of Blacktown is attainable through the collaborative opportunities fostered by the caring and compassionate staff. 

During their time at the College, students are challenged to achieve personal excellence while growing into fine young men, as a result of the high standards and expectations set in our community. 

By enrolling into Patrician Brothers’ College Blacktown, students don't only become a part of a Catholic College community, but also a part of a family. In this family, we all push and encourage each other to achieve greatness together.  Lifelong memories and relationships are made at the College where the famous phrase applies - Once a Patties boy, always a Patties boy.

Danny Layoun