Captain's Welcome

An inclusive, accepting, and nurturing environment which encourages the development of young boys into fine Patrician men.

Inspired by the works of Bishop Daniel Delaney, alongside the missionary efforts of St Patrick, the Patrician Brothers have created a tradition and religious brotherhood with deep spiritual connection shared amongst many. The creation of Patrician Brothers’ College, Blacktown ensures the continuation of such a fine legacy, a medium in which the gift of education can be shared with the fine young men of many generations, the preservation of the Patrician values and pillars, embedded within our school community, putting Faith in Action.

Core to the heart of Patrician Brothers’ College, Blacktown is the element of the Patrician spirit, an ultimate brotherhood and communal aspect which unites all students and staff with one another through the values of St Patrick, founded upon the teachings of Christ. The presence and notion of the Patrician family reinforces the inclusivity and welcomeness present within our school community, one which strives for the unification of all staff and students, creating an environment founded upon respect, trust, and an element of vulnerability, allowing for the growth and pure expression of oneself within a safe, welcoming, and resourceful environment. Our motto, ‘Christus Regnat’, is centred and illustrated through the works of staff and school environment, recognising that ‘Christ Reigns’ in all, further allowing for the growth and development of one’s spirituality and relationship with Christ.

At Patrician Brothers’ College Blacktown, students are demonstrated the values of St Patrick, ideas of respect, integrity, compassion, community and a thirst for knowledge. These core values allow for the fostering of young Patrician men, which, through the efforts and dedication of all staff members at the school, ensure the longevity and continuation of such values, foundational and ultimately centred deep within the values of Patrician graduates and men. Such principles presented and encouraged towards students are ultimately nurtured and developed, ensuring that such teachings and elements of respect, integrity, compassion, community and thirst for knowledge is continued into the wider community and for generations to come.

Patrician Brothers’ College Blacktown provides students with a wide range of extra curricular opportunities, alongside an abundance of educational resources, providing students with the opportunity to strive in educational aspects, encouraging students to work passionately towards the goals which they desire. The presence of extra curricular activities including chess club, debating, public speaking, and many more alongside the widely facilitated sporting program present within our school continues to develop the element of inclusivity and participation amongst all students, reinforcing such brotherhood and the Patrician family.

It is an incredible privilege and honour to represent and lead the student body of the school, and I look forward to work alongside the staff of the school and the leadership team to share, nurture, and continue to develop the already present Patrician spirit unique to Patrician Brothers’ College Blacktown for 2023.

Isaac Paulino
ollege Captain 2023