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Patties still hungry

Patrician Brothers College Blacktown is renowned for producing top-tier rugby league players - and the new generation is ready to make its mark.

This HSC topper taught common Punjabi words to his schoolmates

Harkirat Singh, who topped the Punjabi subject in this year's New South Wales HSC, says he is proud to keep his language, faith and culture alive - all while studying at Patrician Brothers' Blacktown.

‘Always be a learner and let your passion and enthusiasm shine’

Patrician Brothers' College Blacktown Principal Frank Chiment reflects on the challenges and triumphs of teaching. Read more...

More time to prepare for HSC exams

HSC students will be given more time to work on their major projects and to prepare for exams to reduce the impact of the current COVID-19 lockdown. Read more...

HSC trial exams delayed by two weeks for more than 500 schools

Trial exams written by the CSSA - once known as the Catholic Secondary Schools Association - which are purchased and run by more than 500 Catholic, independent and public schools were due to begin on July 26 but have been delayed until August 9, system leaders were told late on Thursday. Read more...

How Western Sydney produces so many top Australian athletes

Behind every sport star are coaches and administrators working tirelessly to help local kids achieve their potential. Meet a few of the star makers driving sport across the region. Read more...

HSC a brutal and irrelevant way to define ‘intelligence’

Those who received their results on Friday are already making a major discovery of adult life: things that meant the whole world one day can mean absolutely nothing the next. On Thursday night, the ATAR was the be-all and end-all; by Friday lunch, it was on its way to being forgotten. Learn more in this article featuring students from Penola Catholic College and Patrician Brothers...

Patrician Brothers Blacktown make NRL Schoolboy Cup Final

Patrician Brothers Blacktown are through to the final of the NRL Schoolboy Cup with a nailbiting victory over Endeavour Sports High at Bankwest Stadium. Read more...

Principal’s lessons learnt from COVID-19

The emergence of COVID-19 has essentially forced school communities to rethink their respective learning ecosystem and academic care generally. The Principal of Patrician Brother's Blacktown argues that school leaders and teachers have been challenged to think about their contemporary definition of “normal” and basically author a “new normal” of learning and school life. Read more...

Australian Catholic University Blacktown marks milestone ahead of campus opening

Construction is underway on the Blacktown CBD’s first university campus with the Australian Catholic University on track to welcome its first students early next year. For Patrician Brothers’ College Blacktown students, tertiary study at their doorstep is going to open doors. Read more...




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