Patrician Brothers College Blacktown

Patrician Brothers' boys recently made it to the finals of the Australian Space Design Competition in Brisbane over the holidays.

This is a yearly event industry-simulation event for high-school students in Australia it was a honour making it to the finals and was an exceptional learning opportunity.

The Australian Space Design Competition competitions provide interactive, high-tempo, and dynamic environments for students to further their Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills.

Since 2002, they have partnered with a number of organisations and schools across Australia to nourish and prepare the next generation of innovative young minds.

Patrician Brothers College Blacktown
Patrician Brothers College Blacktown

We wish to congratulate the boys who took part and extend our sincere appreciation to staff members, Ms Pham, Mr Hersey, Mr Blaik and Ms Cassell, who generously attended or visited the event with the boys.

Taking part at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, we had 12 boys representing the College accompanied by Peter Blaik, Chris Hersey and Angela Pham.

This year Patrician Brothers College teamed up with students from Bundaberg State High School and Corinda State High School to form a company called Centaurus.

Students busily worked in their departments on a very interesting scenario where they had to design a habitat that operates a solar shield to moderate Earth's climate. Very fitting and relevant to the issues we face today.

The boys are very grateful for all your support and allowing them to have this wonderful experience.


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Patrician Brothers' College Blacktown

Patrician Brothers' College Blacktown


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